Bedroom Bully Lyrics

Bedroom Bully Lyrics. Waist line grip dat, bip bop tek dat. Bedroom bully fi di gyal.

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[verse 2] gyal no fret, two a we a buss a sweat. Knock that and set it, like a glock mi select it. Bully position / bully position / bully position / gyal, hey!

It's The Bedroom Bully, Bully, Bully I'm A Bedroom Bully, Bully, Bully [Verse 1:] Bedroom Bully You Know What It Is I Ain't Letting You Leave Until You Tell Me Who's It Is Heard You Got A Man But He Can't Do Like This Scream My Name And Make You Climb The Walls Like This Yeah Kiss You From The Head Then I Kiss You From The Toes

I ain't letting you leave until you tell me who's it is. Beating on my chest like i'm a gorilla. Better ask around baby i'm that nigga.

I No Dey See Nobody Baby I See Only You.

Click to listen to shabba ranks on spotify: Turf music entertainmentcopyright strictly e. If i say what dey my mind o baby girl you no go believe o.

Bedroom Bully Fi Di Gyal.

Naago stop wreck it, naah pamper nor pet it. {verse 1} hey wine an c**k up, gyal wine an c**k up. Heard you got a man but he can't do.

Bedroom Bully, Gyal A Wine Up Fi Mi (Bully!) Real Top Gallis, Man A Bedroom Bully.

Knock that and set it, like a glock mi select it. Tell a gal bring the pussy mek mi haul and pull it. Style yuh no short a gyal a nough yuh have up.

My Daddy Was A Bedroom Bully Bedroom Bully For I Man Mommy Then Daddy Bully Shabba Rankin Mommy Then Shabba Mommy.

/ control the bedroom the greatest property / you must love up your woman right! Foot right deh so lift it up an c**k up. Sorry there is a mistake at the ending (it suppose to be *listening*)thanks for listening/watching

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